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Games and applications

We offer any software for mobile devises- mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, game consoles.

The service includes the following forms of software:

stand-alone applications – running on the device without the need for Internet access,

customer applications – connecting to the Internet (wifi/gprs/3G) with the application on the server,

web applications – in the form of web pages tailored to the small screen,

console and mobile phone games

Applications can be designed for both internal use of a company (such as sales support, communications, and other business processes), as well as for mass resale to customers.

We also offer porting mobile applications across platforms.

In the case of mobile applications and games for the mass market, it is important to place them in the appropriate online shop, allowing users easy search and purchase. Each platform has a dedicated shop – including Apple’s App Store (for iPhone and iPad apps), Google Play (formerly Android Market), Nokia Ovi Store, Samsung Apps, Windows Phone Marketplace.

We offer a complete service of process to place the software in the store, such as:
create an application according to the guidelines of your shop

perform the required tests

obtain the appropriate certificates

formal notification of the application to the shop,

incur fees associated with the publication of the application.

Facebook applications

SAMWEB focuses on the latest technological solutions that follow the spirit of the time. We specialise in writing dedicated applications created in the web 2.0 environment (mainly apps on Facebook). Our extensive experience in this field not only allows for the creation of innovative mechanisms, but also protects against hackers. Safety standards have always been a priority for us. But not only social networking sites do not have secrets for us. As a Web Software House we are the creators of solutions in the B2B sector, such as ERP or CRM.