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Online campaign is a part of overall marketing communication strategy where ideas and creations must be tailored for target audience, brand character and campaign’s objectives. Nowadays, the Internet is a tool that cannot be omitted in planning a campaign. It has some features that make it stand out from other tools and create new possibilities. The features are: high responsiveness, dialogism and the opportunity to enhance brand experience, expanding the scope and effectiveness of the offline campaign, low costs of reaching your target audience.

The role of SAMWEB is to make creations that are coherent with the offline campaign, but do make good use of the features of Internet. If we expect response to our campaign from Internet users, our creations must be of possibly highest quality, amaze them and encourage to interaction.”

It’s good to use interactive forms that engage users. The campaign product must be exposed- the campaign should direct users to the site where they can get more information on a particular topic. In this case, multimedia applications or microsites are created. Microsites are very simple www sites where users can both find information and experience value-added product, and also enjoy promotional interactive games. The Internet is the only tool that gives a chance to experience value-added product, and this is its most valuable feature in a campaign. Moreover, this tool is without equal when it comes to collecting information about Internet users for further communication.

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