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Why Facebook ?
The number of active Facebook users in Poland is more than 9 million, which gives companies an amazing opportunity to promote and reach out to the vast number of potential customers.

SAMWEB company specializes in social campaigns on Facebook, creating professional profiles of companies (Fanpages) and gaining fans. Fanpage should be visually attractive and well run – this translates directly to the company’s image.

What makes our offer unique is, among others, graphic design of your profile. As the design is created from scratch, it stands out from the thousands of others making it visually attracted that contributes to the positive image of your company.

The proper conduct of the profile on Facebook, posting news, tips and information from your offer that might interest your potential customers are extremely important. Long-term effects include gaining fans on Facebook. Organising various types of events, competitions, and surveys contributes to the increase in the number and activity of fans.

Objectives of SMM:

   Increase brand awareness
•    Increase traffic on your website
•    Improve search position
•    Increase sales
•    Provide customer service
•    Reduce marketing costs
•    Reduce customer service costs
•    Market analysis
•    Expand knowledge

We will create for you a professional Fanpage that suits your needs. Fanpage is a visual identification of your company. We will make it reach as many new customers as possible.

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